One Of Our Clients, Sierra Robinson, Doing A Ted Talk

Earlier today one of my clients, Sierra Robinson, did her Class 7 N Road Test in our 2020 Prius Prime. She did really well on her Road Test and passed handily.

But as we were waiting at ServiceBC in Duncan just prior to her Road Test, Sierra told me that the stress of waiting to do her Class 7 Road Test was similar to the stress she felt before doing her TED Talk.

I didn’t know Sierra had done a TED Talk so I looked it up on YouTube afterwards.

Here is Sierra Robinson’s TED Talk from October 2019 (posted here with her mother’s permission):

Congratulations to Sierra Robinson on her very interesting TED Talk and on passing her Class 7 N Road Test today.

And for all my clients who feel that stress before their Road Tests, take some inspiration from Sierra’s demonstration that you can deal with that stress and perform really well in spite of it, whether it is doing a TED Talk or passing your Road Test.

Our 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is now available for lessons (photo: West Coast Driver Training)
Our 2020 Toyota Prius Prime (photo: West Coast Driver Training)

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