Don’t Try To Replicate Movie Stunts In Cars – As Two Men In Louisiana Tried To Do, Unsuccessfully

Two Texas men have died in Louisiana while apparently trying to replicate a movie stunt: jumping a draw bridge in a car.

Please do not try to follow their example.  These things may appear to work in movies but the laws of physics cannot be suspended in the real world! Attempting to do these car maneuvers you may have seen in movies is not going to end well.

Here is the news report from Louisiana:

“2 die trying to jump car over raised drawbridge

Here’s a map showing the location of the Black Bayou Bridge,

Here are views of the approach to the Black Bayou Bridge from both sides:

Trying to jump this drawbridge (or any drawbridge) in a car is not going to end well, as these two Texas men have demonstrated.

Don’t follow their example!

Here are some other reports on this story:

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