Our Policies For Driving Lessons In Class 3

We are currently charging $135.00 + GST for a 60 minute Driving Lesson in Class 3.

We have found that students benefit by taking at least 2 consecutive hours of Class 3 instruction so we recommend that students schedule at least 2 consecutive hours (120 minutes) for each Class 3 instruction session. Scheduled lesson length may be changed before the start of the lesson if agreed on beforehand by both Instructor and student. Lessons may consist of in cab driving instruction, Class 3 pre-trip instruction or a combination of driving and pre-trip instruction as agreed between the Instructor and the client.

For Class 3 students wanting to use our training vehicle for their Class 3 Road Test, we charge an hourly rate of 135.00 + GST. This includes a one hour (60 minute) refresher lesson immediately prior to the scheduled Road Test.

All Class 3 driving lessons will be conducted in our Mack Vision day cab tractor equipped with a 13 speed Eaton Fuller manual transmission.

We ask that payments for lessons be made in advance by eTransfer, credit card, cash or cheque. This practice is followed by other Driving Schools and it helps us keep our costs and our lesson prices at reasonable levels. In the past we have, unfortunately, had to spend time following up on late payments. This increases our costs which we, in turn, have to pass along to our clients.

Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training.
Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training.

Students are required to have a valid BC Drivers License or a foreign drivers license recognized and valid in British Columbia before taking driving lessons with us. Students must carry their Drivers License at all times during training.

All students will be asked to show their valid Drivers License to the Instructor before the lesson. This is required by ICBC. We cannot conduct a lesson for any student who does not have their valid Drivers License with them at the start time of the lesson. We will charge a $60.00 fee if a student cannot do the lesson due to not having a valid Drivers License in their possession at the start of the lesson.

We offer individual in-cab training only. No other students or any other person or people will be in the training vehicle during the lesson.

Pick-up and Drop-off will be offered for all lessons. Lessons start when the student enters the vehicle and ends upon arrival at the drop off point designated prior to the lesson.

Students deemed by the Instructor to be intoxicated or impaired in any manner will be refused Instruction and will be charged the entire fee for the lesson.

If you wish to cancel a scheduled driving lesson, we require 24 hours notice prior to the lesson or a cancellation fee of $60.00 will be assessed.

Late policy: If the student has not arrived at the agreed pick up point 5 minutes after the scheduled start time of any lesson we will call or text the student. If the student has not arrived at the agreed starting point 20 minutes after the lesson was scheduled to begin, the instructor may consider the lesson forfeit unless other arrangements have been made. In this case a cancellation fee of $60.00 will be assessed.

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