Thank you for your interest in taking lessons with West Coast Driver Training & Education.

We were recently approached by a Victoria based Driving School which specializes in Commercial Vehicle training with a query about partnering to teach on vehicles owned by that school. We are currently in discussions with that Driving School in Victoria.

But we are still offering Class 3 training on rented trucks with automatic transmissions. This obviously depends on the availability of rental trucks.

We also offer clients training on clients’ trucks or trucks owned by clients’ employers. Please contact us for rates on Class 3 training or your trucks or trucks owned by your employer.

We are keeping our current Mack Vision tractor, equipped with a 13 speed Eaton Fuller manual transmission, reserved for Air Brakes Courses.

We also offer Air Brakes Courses, which you will need to drive Class 3 vehicles. West Coast Driver Training is also an ICBC approved Air Brake Certification facility, which means we can qualify you on the Air Brake Pre-Trip portion of your Air Brake Endorsement.

Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training.
Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training and Air Brake Courses.

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