Thank you for your interest in taking lessons with West Coast Driver Training & Education.

We are taking a temporary break from offering Class 3 training on our 13 speed manual transmission Mack Vision.

But we are still offering Class 3 training on rented trucks with automatic transmissions. We also offer clients training on clients’ trucks or trucks owned by clients’ employers. Please contact us for rates on Class 3 training.

We are keeping our current Mack Vision tractor, equipped with a 13 speed Eaton Fuller manual transmission, reserved for Air Brakes Courses.

We still offer Air Brakes Courses, which you will need to drive Class 3 vehicles. West Coast Driver Training is also an ICBC approved Air Brake Certification facility, which means we can qualify you on the Air Brake Pre-Trip portion of your Air Brake Endorsement.

Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training.
Our Mack Vision day cab which we use for Class 3 training and Air Brake Courses.

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