Testimonials From Clients

Here are some testimonials about us from students and/or parents/grandparents/guardians of students:

“I had a 90 min pre-test lesson and it was extremely helpful. Highly recommend this school.”

– Kristina K. – March 2019

“K… and I wanted to let you know that she passed [her Class 7N Road Test]!! She only had two demerits off. Thank you so much for getting her in for lessons so quick. She said she couldn’t of passed without you! 🙂

Thank you!!!!”

– Kerri H. – April 2019

“Hey Mark, I have great news. I passed my road test!

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me to prepare me for my driving test and more. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get through this step of my life.”

Austin – April 2019

“My son had two 90 minute professional lessons with Mark and his skills and expertise, knowledge have given him complete confidence as a new driver… He passed his Novice and now has independence! Thank you so much Mark!”

Jocelyn M. – May 2019

“Excellent driver training, confidence and great knowledge taught to my son. Mark was always respectful and patient!

Thank you to Mark we now have a “N” young driver in our home!!

Thank you.”

Lisa K. – May 2019

“I cannot say enough about West Coast Driver Training and Education and specifically Mark. I was trying to obtain my class 4 driving licence. After driving for 54 years I was sure I would breeze through the test…..WRONG! After those years of driving I had reinforced many bad habits and as well things have changed. I phoned Mark and asked if he could give me a brush up on my driving skills (?). We set up an appointment to have a 1 1/2 hour lesson prior to my test. Mark arrived early for our lesson…his car is a very beautiful Toyota….and we started.

It was clear I had a lot to learn. Mark reinforced all the things I needed to learn in a pleasant calm kind way …but in such a way …It stuck! He left me feeling comfortable and confident and when I took my test ….just as Mark suggested I would, I heard his voice in my mind, over and over ….shoulder check left shoulder check right …and a million other suggestions that worked! I handily passed my test but I am very aware that without Mark’s expertise I would still be making those same mistakes. Thank you Mark ….I start my job with [……….] tomorrow.”

Daphne P. – May 2019

“I was being negative with my road test coming up but Mark always believes in my driving skill. and so I passed! my first road test. Thank you for having patience with me during our sessions! Awesome instructor!”

Ghjan D. – August 2019

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help on Friday. [J…..] absolutely enjoyed working with you. He said none of the instructors before were as good as you…..”

Lettie C. – September 2019

“Thank you for all that you have done [in teaching my daughter]. Her confidence has soared comparably under your instruction and we are very grateful….”

Paula W. – December 2019

“Hey Mark, I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me pass my driving test. I really couldn’t have done it without you and I’ve learned so much. And I feel much more confident driving now than before our lessons! You’re an amazing teacher and were really great at keeping me calm when I was stressing out….”

Briana – November 2020

“….. thanks again for teaching [my son] the finer points of driving.  Those finer points will stick with him for the rest of his life and help make him an excellent driver in the future.

We will pass your name around to our friends looking for driving instruction for their children….”

Grant M – December 2020

“I went for a refresher driving lesson with Mark today. I’m >70 but with a good driving history of 55 years. I have noticed that I was not so good or attentive anymore. Time to do something about it. Mark was the solution. Patient and really instructional. I would definitely recommend him and and hope to do this every year from now on.”

Jane M. – December 2020

“Just wanted to say that if anyone is looking for a driving school that has an instructor that is calm, collected and knowledgeable then this is the school you need to be looking at. Learning how to drive is a big challenge for some and I honestly didn’t think I would pass my first time around, but Mark helped me pass my road test first time.

Thank you again Mark!”

Mathew T. – February 2021

“Hey Mark, its Laura, I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to drive:) not only the rules of the road but how to drive smart. I passed my N and I have to give the credits to you:)”

Laura N. – February 2021

“Hi Mark, it’s Erin. I just wanted to let you know I passed my drivers test! Thank you so much for all your guidance and wonderful coaching. You are so awesome at what you do and I’m so grateful. I hope you hear that lots. I will certainly tell anyone to see you for driving…”

Erin S. – March 2021


Just a brief note of thanks for the support and guidance you gave me in preparation of my ERA test . Thanks to you I was successful. The advice you gave me and the pointers you provided were most useful in the road test. I’m sure that I would probably not have been successful without the insights you offered.

Having an awareness of what to expect on the test and all of your advice proved most valuable in helping me undertake the test with confidence.

Best regards,

Ken N.  – April 2021″

“[C…] passed her driving test this morning! Thanks so much for working with her!

Lisa I. – May 2021

” Hey Mark, just letting you know I passed [the Class 7 N Road Test]. Thanks so much for your help!”

Sian D. – May 2021

“Hi Mark. I passed [Class 7 N Road] test. Thanks so much for your help!”

Mika L. – May 2021

“…thanks so much for all your help with the [driving] lessons. Very helpful. I passed [the Class 7 N Road Test]!”

Jolene W. – July 2021

“Hi Mark. Just letting you know that [my daughter M…] passed her [Class 7 N] road test this morning. Thank you so much for all your guidance and assistance… she couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jennifer P. – July 2021

“[My son I…} said he wouldn’t have passed [his Class 7 N Road Test] had you not been such a great teacher. We’ll be telling his friends about you.”

Sharon B. – September 2021

“Thank you for the great lessons. [My son N…] passed [his Class 7 N Road Test]. Yay! And he said you were a major help with his confidence for this test.”

Carolyn B. – February 2022

“Hi Mark!

We are delighted that [our son F…..] passed his [Class 7 N] driver test on Friday…… He really appreciated your teaching style and we are grateful for your assistance.


Harold G. – April 2022

“I had a bunch of anxiety driving , and Mark really helped me build my confidence and pass my test with flying colors! definitely would recommend his school to anyone!”

Dan R. – June 2022

“Hi Mark,

Just letting you know that [my son M…] passed [his Class 7 N Road Test], thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge….”

Carrie M. – July 2022

Hi Mark,

Thank you for all your patience getting [my grandson C…] prepared for his [Class 7 N] license [Road Test]. I can imagine he was a challenge. He was so proud when he called me [after passing his Road Test].”

Patricia R. – July 2022

“Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for the driving lessons for [A…]. She really increased her confidence and learned a lot!

[A…] was very proud to pass [her Class 7 N Road Test] the first time around and I know that is largely in part to the lessons taken!”

Kari F. – August 2022

“Hi Mark! This is Daniella from Victoria. You helped [my husband] P[…] with his ERA test he did 2 months ago.

We just got the result. He passed!

Thank you very much. You were a big part of his success. I used your tips to practice with him…

You are a great Instructor.”

Daniella – September 2022

“Hi Mark, this is to let you know that [our daughter D….] passed her [Class 7 N] Road Test. We’re very thankful to you for being the best driving teacher. Thank you…”

Debora D. – September 2022

“I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of your instruction. The kids have said amazing things about you and are already critiquing my driving, so have learned a lot with you already…”

Trieanna A. – February 2023

“Just letting you know I passed my [Class 5] Road Test earlier today! The examiner said that I was taught well, so thank you very much…”

Cate C. – February 2023

“I passed my [Class 7 N Road] Test! Thank you so much Mark. I wouldn’t have been able to pass without your help! Anyone I know who needs help getting their N I will give your number no question…”

Jaiden M. – March 2023

“I would like to thank Mark Anderson from West Coast Driver Training & Education for teaching [L…] how to drive and ace his N test. Mark was there on his test day talking to [L…] on every aspect of the test as well as payment of the driver test. Mark’s unconditional support was truly the best!

Thank you Mark for everything you did!”

Will Arnold – owner of Experience Cycling, the best bicycle shop in Duncan, B.C. – March 2023

Hey Mark,
[M….] passed her [Class 7 N Road] test today!!! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Jen R. – March 2023

“Hey Mark, I would like to say thank you for training me. I just passed my Road Test. 1st try!”

Daniel B. – May 2023

“Hi Mark. Thanks very much for the super driving lessons. I received my drivers license [back] last week [following an ERA] after a little hurdle.

We won’t hesitate to recommend you if someone we know is looking for a driving instructor. Thanks again. ”

John G. – July 2023

“Hey Mark. Just wanted to let you know I passed my [Class 7 N] Road Test with flying colors. Got almost 100%. Thank you so much for the lessons. They were so valuable to me passing and you’re a great instructor. So thanks again.”

Elwyn N.  – July 2023

“Hello, thank you so much for the impromptu lesson! [My daughter V…] passed her Class 5 with a ‘Brilliant Drive’ comment. She got one point off for not scanning the full intersection before turning right. Other than that all was good. The areas you showed her were very relevant and helped her a lot.”

Joldine L. – August 2023

“Hey, just wanted to say thanks for running the [Air Brakes] course on the weekend [2-3 December 2023]. I went in [to ICBC] today and passed my air brakes [written test].

Sukhman S. – December 2023

“I want to thank you very much for the lessons you have provided for [my son R…]. He’s gained confidence and great skills, and he’s really appreciated your lessons….”

Colleen A. – December 2023

“I passed [my Class 4 Restricted Road Test] Mark. Thanks for your help. I am so happy…”

Shaftan A. – December 2023

“I took my Road Test yesterday and I got it!!!! Thanks so much for everything.  Couldn’t have done it without your lessons.”

Rashi M. – December 2023

“Happy New Year Mark! Just wanted to say thanks for your help with teaching our kids to drive. [Our daughter C…] passed her N the first try on Dec […].

We always recommend you if someone asks who we used for driving lessons.”

Max P. – January 2024

“[My grand daughter] passed [her Class 7 N Road Test]. Thank you again for your experience and advice.”

Ken S. – February 2024

“Mark is an excellent instructor. Calm, professional and knowledgeable. Having no experience with large vehicles, I was able to pass my Class 4 Unrestricted easily with only two days of lessons. Mark stuck by my side before the test and was there waiting when I finished. Hugely appreciated and highly recommend.”

Christine A. – March 2024

“Hi Mark,

I wanted to let you know that [S…] passed her [Class 7 N] test! She was over the moon! She made no mistakes and the only comment was to be more decisive with advancing at intersections.( just as you said!)

Thank you so much for your work with her. She really appreciated your kindness and patience. All the best,”

Margaret W. – June 2024

“Thanks Mark! You were great!

Wrote the [Air Brakes Knowledge] test this morning passed with flying colors. So did the gentleman who sat behind me and to my left [at our Air Brakes Course in Nanaimo on 6-7 July 2024]. We were both at the Mill Bay ICBC at same time.

Between both of us, we got one question wrong and that was me with brain fart… totally knew the answer just one of those things.

Thanks again!”

Dan G. – July 2024

Our 2020 Toyota Prius Prime at the ICBC Driver Licensing office, 426 Dunedin Street, Victoria, BC (photo: West Coast Driver Training)
Our 2020 Toyota Prius Prime at the ICBC Driver Licensing office, 426 Dunedin Street, Victoria, BC (photo: West Coast Driver Training)
Our 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid at the ICBC Driver Lincensing office, Nanaimo, BC (photo: West Coast Driver Training)
Our 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid at the ICBC Driver Licensing office, Nanaimo, BC (photo: West Coast Driver Training)

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