Video: 5 Things Truck Drivers Should Never Do – 4 Of Which Apply To All Drivers

Smart Trucking is a YouTube channel I like and subscribe to.  It is run by a Canadian truck driver named Dave, who regularly posts new videos to his Smart Trucking YouTube channel.

Here is a video Dave posted on Smart Trucking in May 2018 on Five Things Truck Drivers Should Never Do.  Four of these five “Things” apply to all drivers.  If you’re not a truck driver you will never encounter Number 3: Don’t Let Your Reefer Fuel Run Out.

For my Class 7 students, pay particular attention to what Dave says about Texting And Driving (3:20-3:30), Don’t Drive Too Fast For Conditions (6:40-6:50) and Don’t Drive When You Are Tired (6:50-8:10).

Just FYI, when Dave is talking about an “E.L.D.” in the Don’t Drive When You Are Tired segment, he is referring to an Electronic Logging Device, which measures the amount of time a truck drivers spends driving, resting etc.

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